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  • Please use proper rolls for bag making such as kraft paper.

  • Too much dried paper and paper with static electricity cannot be used, Paper with curl cannot be used (for sheet fed machines) Too much teisted cord or soft code cannot be used.

  • In case of using paper with laminated PP film, Laminated layer(thinkness)should be uniformed

  • Our recommended specifications of glue at each gluing section should be used(to be controlled in accordance with ambient temperature and humidity)

  • Bag width and bottom width have limitation according to combination

  • Longitudinal glue position is on bag face and 25-30mm gluing space is necessary(optionally inner gusset gluing is possible)

  • In case of using full stripping roll or PP laminated paper, Basically bottom gluing part and longitudinal gluing part should be left, In this case, Appox,7mm print overlap or lamination overlap is necessary.

  • Production capacity depends on paper quality, Paper weight, with or without print, Glue quality, Cord quality, bag size, operating environments, etc.

  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.



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