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  • Sheet-feeding bag tube forming machine is a specialized equipment used in the production of bag tubes from sheets of paper or plastic film. This machine is commonly used in industries such as packaging, food and beverage, and retail.The machine operates by feeding a continuous sheet of paper or plastic film into the machine. The sheet is then folded and sealed along the edges to form a tube-like structure. This tube can then be further processed to create various types of bags including shopping bags, packaging bags, or even courier bags.The key components and features of a sheet-feeding bag tube forming machine include: Feeding system: This system is responsible for loading the sheet of paper or plastic film into the machine, ensuring a continuous feed for uninterrupted production. Folding and sealing mechanism: The machine is equipped with mechanisms that fold the sheet along its length and securely seal the edges to create a tube. Cutting system: If required, the machine can also have a cutting system that cuts the tube into predetermined lengths, creating individual bags. Pressure and temperature control: The machine may include control mechanisms to regulate the pressure and temperature during the sealing process, ensuring proper bonding and sealing of the edges. Control panel: The machine is operated and monitored through a control panel that allows operators to adjust settings, monitor production, and troubleshoot issues.

  • The sheet fed bag making machine with handles is a specialized machine used for producing paper bags with handles. This type of machine is designed to process sheets of paper and transform them into finished paper bags with handles.The machine typically consists of several components and features: Feeding system: The machine is equipped with a sheet feeding system that accurately and consistently feeds sheets of paper into the machine for processing. Handle attachment: This machine is specifically designed to attach handles to the paper bags during the production process. It has mechanisms and tools that securely attach handles to the bags, ensuring durability and strength. Cutting and folding: The machine has cutting and folding mechanisms that accurately trim the paper sheets to the desired bag size and shape. It also performs precise folding and creasing operations to create the necessary structure for the bags. Handle reinforcement: To ensure the handles can withstand the weight and stress of the bag, the machine may also have a handle reinforcement mechanism that strengthens the attachment area, enhancing the bag's overall stability. Control system: The machine is controlled by an automated control system that regulates and monitors various parameters, such as sheet feeding, handle attachment, cutting, and folding, ensuring consistent and precise production.

  • Paper bag machine is a machine used to make paper bags. Such machines typically automate the entire manufacturing process from paper rolls to final finished paper bags.Paper bag machines usually have the following functions and features: Automated operation: This kind of machine usually adopts advanced automated control system, which can automatically complete the paper bag manufacturing process, greatly improving production efficiency. Multifunctional: Different models of paper bag machines can make different types of paper bags, such as flat paper bags, carrier bags, tote bags, etc. Rapid production: paper bag machines are usually able to complete the manufacturing of paper bags at high speed and are suitable for mass production. Precise positioning: This kind of machine usually has a precise positioning system, which can accurately control the cutting and folding of paper to ensure that the size and shape of the paper bag meet the requirements. Flexible adjustment: Machines usually have adjustable parameters and can easily adjust the size, shape and other manufacturing parameters of paper bags according to needs. Paper bag machine has a wide range of applications and is suitable for various commercial and industrial fields, such as food packaging, clothing retail, etc. It can efficiently and stably produce high-quality paper bags to meet market demand.

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