UP Group was founded in August 2001. In the past 22 years, Which has become one of the most famous groups in the manufacturing and supplying of paper bag machines. An enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service, Specializing in the production of paper bag machine series (sheet paper, roll paper, fully automatic and semi-automatic) products, And has passed ISO9001:2008 quality system certification and EU CE certification.
UPG has the right to import and export, and not only sells well in the Chinese market, but also has sold nearly 2,500 sets in 25 countries around the world. There has more than 30 offices have been established in foreign country, Which has been highly praised by customers. We serve customers with advanced technology and high-quality. We also will provide customers with new and improved paper bag machines in the field of sheet-fed and roll-fed. And realize high-speed and high-precision motion control, process detection, fault diagnosis and display functions. Using touch screen display, the operation functions are clear at a glance, And it has a better man-machine interface.
UP Group will lead all employees of the company to adhere to the principles of technological innovation, management innovation and business culture innovation, provide customers with high-performance and high-quality new paper bag machines, and take meeting the needs of customers and helping customers succeed as the company's business purpose.
We have 20 years of experience
More than 80 exporting countries and regions
Foreign office


  • Excellent Durability
This machine constructed with quality parts for...
  • High Economical
Easy operation and work with few operators, Using...
  • High Productivity
Suitable for big and small batch production and...

Sheet-fed Paper Bag Machine

Roll-fed Paper Bag Machine

Handle Making Machine

Auxiliary Equipment


LQ-35H Fully Auto Sheet-fed Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine
LQ-35L Fully Auto Sheet-fed Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine
LQ-1200CS Sheet-feeding Paper Bag Making Machine
LQ-21 Fully Auto Roll-fed Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine (Flat Handle)
LQ-18 Fully Auto Sheet-fed Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine (Twisted Handle)
LQ-13 Fully Auto Roll-fed Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine (Twisted Handle)
LQ-350 Flat & satchel paper bag machine
LQ-10 Handle Making Machine


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Self-adhesive label winter storage precautions
Features of self-adhesive labels
Recently, the temperature has plummeted, and the cold wave is threatening. In a cold environment, self-adhesive materials have the characteristics of weakening viscosity as the temperature decreases. The glue does not stick and the problems such as flying mark and dropping mark are often related to temperature.


The award-winning product design concept of "Not Remaining Silent Packaging, 2023 Make a Mark" embodies what kind of innovation?(III)
Designsake Studio, USA

Designsake Studio's entry combines tortoiseshell prints, white and russet blends, and taupe metallic accents to create a visual feast. The container is used to store SPF 50 sunscreen made by Gingerly, a luxury sunscreen brand. The brand name is a tribute to "ginger," a common name for red-haired women who freckle when exposed to the sun, hence the mottled tortoisesbill print on the bottle. The natural amber gradient is a nod to the ocean horizon, while the iridescent foil mimics the refraction of water and abalone shells, bringing the concept of "sun, sea and skin" to life.

The award-winning product design concept of "Not Remaining Silent Packaging, 2023 Make a Mark" embodies what kind of innovation?(II)

American forceMAJEURE

The Noumenon is a tall, black, sleek, shiny container containing a copper perfume bottle that can be refilled with perfume, a three-tiered object that has been described as a "fountain of perfume." The end result is custom packaging that emphasizes the ritual feel and personalization of the perfume.


The award-winning product design concept of "Not Remaining Silent Packaging, 2023 Make a Mark" embodies what kind of innovation?(I)

"Make a Mark" aims to further drive innovation possibilities in this medium. This creative platform was jointly created in 2021 by the US pressure-sensitive material manufacturer Avery Dennison, the German decorative and functional surface decoration manufacturer Leonhard Kurz, and the Spanish glass packaging manufacturer Estal. Its goal is to explore the infinite possibilities of sustainable luxury packaging for beauty, perfume, beverages, wine, and spirits.

As we all know, pressure-sensitive adhesive materials have a "sandwich" structure, consisting of face material, adhesive, and backing paper. The backing paper of pressure-sensitive adhesive materials is often overlooked by consumers because it is discarded as waste during processing and labeling. However, in the processing of pressure-sensitive adhesive materials such as die-cutting and labeling, the backing paper typically plays a crucial role.


Recently, the changing seasons have led to a high incidence of influenza, with many people experiencing symptoms such as fever, headache, cough, and sore throat... Some have even gone through multiple rounds of illness. There are not only influenza infections, but also mycoplasma infections, and even a continuous occurrence of co-infections with influenza, mycoplasma, and other pathogens. Hospitals are overcrowded with patients seeking intravenous fluid therapy.

Let us walk and live on the earth Snuggling through satisfying seasons

Let the wind sing to lull us to sleep And not to dream in slumber

Excerpt from "I Carry the Universe with Me"

Nature is the grandest, most mysterious, and most creative artist, shaping the world we live in with infinite creativity and exquisite craftsmanship. Whether it's towering snow-capped mountains, endless forests, vast oceans, or the splendid cycles of the four seasons...

UL Certification

As Chinese enterprises embark on the internationalization process, they are faced with comprehensive and multidimensional challenges from research and development, capital, legal regulations, market access, and supply chains. Particularly in the aspect of legal regulations and product certification, UL certification for pressure-sensitive adhesive label materials is a major focus in the field of label materials.



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