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Influenza Rampant | IV Bottle Labels Promote Medication Health

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Influenza Rampant | IV Bottle Labels Promote Medication Health

  Recently, the changing seasons have led to a high incidence of influenza, with many people experiencing symptoms such as fever, headache, cough, and sore throat... Some have even gone through multiple rounds of illness. There are not only influenza infections, but also mycoplasma infections, and even a continuous occurrence of co-infections with influenza, mycoplasma, and other pathogens. Hospitals are overcrowded with patients seeking intravenous fluid therapy.

  Typically, labels are affixed to both intravenous infusion bags and infusion bottles, serving only to identify the drug model, category, brand, and functional information. Unlike regular infusion bags, infusion bottles are usually used to contain special medications, featuring a round glass or plastic bottle body, and are used with hanging devices such as net bags for the output of medication.

  Due to cost or environmental protection reasons, net bags are often reused. However, within the complex environment of hospitals, with a variety of drugs, net bags that are reused multiple times are susceptible to contamination. If not adequately disinfected, this may lead to drug contamination, patient cross-infection, and pose significant safety hazards.

The integrated design of the bottle labels can avoid the use of net bags. The labels on the infusion bottles are pre-cut and designed for hanging directly on the bottles, enabling convenient, quick, and safe infusion.


  The question arises: Can all label materials be used for bottle labels? The answer is no. Qualified bottle labels have extremely high requirements for face materials and adhesives. First, the face material of bottle labels needs to have load-bearing capacity as the labels need to be torn open and hung on hooks. Additionally, the labels need to be firmly adhered to the bottle to prevent them from falling off and causing the bottle to drop.

UPG bottle label materials all meet the ISO 15137 (Self-adhesive hanging device requirements and test methods for infusion and injection bottles) tension test requirements. At the same time, the adhesive has a high static holding strength with the bottle, ensuring excellent adhesion between the label and the bottle body, providing secure bonding during the infusion process, and safeguarding medication safety.



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