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The Award-winning Product Design Concept of "Not Remaining Silent Packaging, 2023 Make A Mark" Embodies What Kind of Innovation?(II)

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The award-winning product design concept of "Not Remaining Silent Packaging, 2023 Make a Mark" embodies what kind of innovation?(II)

American forceMAJEURE

The Noumenon is a tall, black, sleek, shiny container containing a copper perfume bottle that can be refilled with perfume, a three-tiered object that has been described as a "fountain of perfume." The end result is custom packaging that emphasizes the ritual feel and personalization of the perfume.


Founder and CEO Laurent Hainaut believes that packaging is often also part of the product and its experience. Therefore, we need to consider the various functions of packaging. For example, he sees perfume bottles as more than just "packaging." It is both an object and a package. By clearly separating the "item" aspect of packaging from its pure "packaging" function, we can push the boundaries and create meaningful, purposeful packaging that makes it easier to be sustainable, reusable or recyclable. Packaging has a variety of basic functions: protection and transport, communication and storytelling, but it also has a not-so-glorious "afterlife." Therefore, we need to add another feature to the packaging: its ability to disappear without causing distress. We had to resolve the tension between storytelling, aesthetics and functionality while minimizing environmental impact. This is the future of packaging.

Lonsdale, France

Khus is a sustainable project with a focus on vetiver plants and a zero-waste approach. In fact, the word "Khus" is the original name of the vetiver plant that grows in North India. The Lonsdale team challenged themselves to use only a single material, using only recycled or recyclable items. In addition to its use as a fragrance ingredient, vetiver is also used in bottle labels, corks, ropes, and outside bottle structures, an intricate cut design that wraps a recycled wild glass component to hold the fragrance. The overall shape is designed in a bio-like way to mimic natural cocoons.


David So, Creative Director of Lonsdale, believes that we must challenge industrial processes to create surprise effects that tell a simple and unique product story. We also need to work in a holistic way, creating a brand, silhouette, graphic elements and textures while drawing inspiration from different categories such as architecture, fashion, art, design, etc. Creating and reinventing the code of luxury while adhering to sustainability. As a designer, David So believes he can help find solutions to create a new, more sustainable concept of the ideal object for people. We need to redefine our approach to packaging design to show people that recycled and recyclable materials can be innovative ways to create value.

France's Partisan du Sens

Taking inspiration from the New Perfume House, DIY and 'The Meeting of Two Worlds: Spirits and Beauty', the Paris-based company created three totemic design elements in garnet, sapphire blue, olive and copper tones. The division of the three pillars coincides with the three elements of the perfume: the top tone, the middle tone and the base tone. The Totem project has been designed with Gen Z in mind; In addition to reusable and different moulded/textured looks, users can customize their experience by pre-selecting perfumes for each totem.


Co-founders Gerald Galdini and Francois Takounseun believe that there are no limits to packaging, as long as there are real and meaningful stories, and there are free and positive concepts such as DIY or other new gestures. The future of packaging is sustainable. They firmly believe that packaging should not only be beautiful, but also practical and, above all, ecologically responsible. This involves materials and logistics, but also a second life for the product, whether it's reusable or fillable. For Totem, they were thinking about designs that could be both endlessly filled and reused. Consumers can keep three totemic elements to decorate and embellish their interior Spaces.

ARD Design, Switzerland

ARD's creative team introduced vibrant, square, art Deco perfume bottles in light blue, sunflower yellow and pink magenta with rubber dropper tops. Nano and carved reliefs have been added to the front of each perfume bottle to increase touch and visual impact. The concept, called "Fiore: Food Perfume," is a play on the huge influence of aroma on taste, which can be as much as 80 percent. Aromatic essences such as chamomile, glacier blackfoot and wild garlic from the Swiss Alps have been created into food fragrances that users can add to any dish of their choice.


Jane Struk, Managing Director and Creative Director of ARD, said: "In my design journey, I believe that the pillar of truly innovative packaging is heartfelt functionality: it is never just a box, but an experience waiting to be taken apart. Visual soul - every great design tells a story that resonates; Green thinking - paying tribute to our planet and making sure we give back more than we take; Empathy in design - always put yourself in the shoes of the end user; Fluency - embracing change and ensuring that design is in sync with changing consumer needs."

Looking ahead to 2023 and beyond, the future of the packaging industry is exciting and transformative. Among the factors that Jane Struk believes will shape our world: sustainability - something many of us feel close to home. Environmentally friendly materials are not only a trend, but also a reflection of our values; Intelligent interaction - Combined with artificial intelligence and augmented reality technology, packaging is no longer passive, but an interactive experience; Personalized packaging - Customization and personalization have their own unique features. For me, it's about making every user feel their own presence and value, and when a package carries a shadow of the person it's meant to speak to, it becomes a heartfelt message; The future of packaging design is personalized - on this canvas, innovation and affinity, function and art complement each other, and every design choice tells a story

Dario Frattaruolo Design Company in Italy

The artist's submission is Notte Oscura Hermetic Parfum. Notte Oscura, translated as dark night, refers to the dark night of the soul, a process of psycho-spiritual transformation that leads to a period of intense sadness and pain, but is ultimately believed to bring one closer to God. Specifically, a black metal lid is placed on the transparent bottle, the sides of the bottle and the cap are engraved with alchemical symbols and mother-of pearl decoration, and a crystal sculpture is suspended in the center of the bottle.


Designer and illustrator Dario Frattaruolo says that combining new printing techniques with new materials will be the basis for innovative packaging designs. To drive innovation in this area, experimentation is crucial. Another important factor is to identify new materials and ink types from a sustainability perspective and to discover new textures and touches for consumers. Another key element of innovation packaging is the use of neuroscience, specifically the theory of perception, to help determine the design aspects of physical or virtual objects/environments that our brains will naturally find more attractive.

Dario Frattaruolo believes that the future of packaging right now is sustainability. Designers and print technicians have a responsibility to solve and improve the sustainability of packaging, respecting our society and the planet. The concept of the "sustainable" packaging project gave us the opportunity to renew and experiment in the field of design, pushing us to use new languages, new ways of making packaging, and new research into the perception of materials.



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