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Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Label UL Certification Types And Search Methods (Part 1)

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Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Label UL Certification Types and Search Methods (Part 1)


UL Certification

As Chinese enterprises embark on the internationalization process, they are faced with comprehensive and multidimensional challenges from research and development, capital, legal regulations, market access, and supply chains. Particularly in the aspect of legal regulations and product certification, UL certification for pressure-sensitive adhesive label materials is a major focus in the field of label materials.

01 What is UL certification?

UL certification is the abbreviation for Underwriter Laboratories Inc., a highly authoritative American insurance testing institution and one of the largest private organizations in the world engaged in safety testing and assessment. Its main focus is on testing and certifying the safety performance of products using scientific testing methods to study and determine whether various materials, devices, products, equipment, and buildings pose a hazard to life and property, as well as the extent of these hazards. UL certification is non-mandatory in the United States.

02 Why is UL certification important?

Given that it is non-mandatory certification, why does UL certification continue to play a significant role in discussions related to "going international"? This is because after nearly a century of development, UL certification has gained recognition for its prominence and authority worldwide, signifying that the safety performance of products can be guaranteed. In addition, recognition from various countries worldwide can facilitate smooth customs clearance for products going international, significantly reducing the time to market overseas.

03 What UL certifications are related to pressure-sensitive adhesive materials?

In UL certifications, there are three standards related to pressure-sensitive adhesive labels:

"UL 969 Marking and Labeling Systems Performance Standard" "UL 817 Cord Sets and Power-Supply Cords General Safety Requirements" "UL 859 Household Electric Personal Grooming Appliances Standards"

Among them, UL 969 certification is most closely related to pressure-sensitive adhesive labels and includes three types: PGGU, PGJI, and PGQD. Additionally, PGAA certification is related to the label authorization system.

· PGGU represents certification for blank labels, which is applied for by label suppliers. It focuses on the performance and applicability of labels, materials, and adhesives under different environmental conditions and on different substrates. Applicability refers to whether the label material is suitable for use in various environments, such as indoor, outdoor, high temperature, low temperature, and even in environments with special solvents.

· PGJI represents certification for thermal transfer labels. Compared to PGGU, it includes evaluations of the performance and usability of labels printed with various types of carbon ribbon on different substrates and under different environmental conditions.

· PGDQ is certification for finished labels. This involves testing finished labels after undergoing various processes such as printing, printing, and laminating. The finished labels are applied to substrates and tested in different environments to ensure their applicability. This type of certification is primarily sought after by printing plants.

· PGAA certification is for the label authorization system. If a label supplier wants to print the UL logo on the label and provide it to end product manufacturers, the label supplier must apply for PGAA certification; otherwise, they do not have the permission to print the UL logo.



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