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The Award-winning Product Design Concept of "Not Remaining Silent Packaging, 2023 Make A Mark" Embodies What Kind of Innovation?(I)

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The award-winning product design concept of "Not Remaining Silent Packaging, 2023 Make a Mark" embodies what kind of innovation?(I)

"Make a Mark" aims to further drive innovation possibilities in this medium. This creative platform was jointly created in 2021 by the US pressure-sensitive material manufacturer Avery Dennison, the German decorative and functional surface decoration manufacturer Leonhard Kurz, and the Spanish glass packaging manufacturer Estal. Its goal is to explore the infinite possibilities of sustainable luxury packaging for beauty, perfume, beverages, wine, and spirits.


Contestants are free to use the latest technology and innovative materials without budget or material restrictions. Estal provides glass, Avery Dennison provides labeling tools, and Kurz provides decoration and printing tools.

Vladimir Tyulpin, head of the wine and spirits market department at Avery Dennison, stated, "This year's concept invites us all to rethink the possibilities of packaging design and the positive social messages it can convey. We hope this will spark a global dialogue around vibrant, bold, and creative new ideas." Twenty packaging design agencies from around the world submitted design concepts, focusing on reinterpreting packaging sustainability, innovation, and luxury in new ways.

The finalist products in the 2022 competition included zero-waste packaging, digital packaging, and a reexamination of luxury product standards. The 2023 finalist products continue to drive innovation in beauty and fragrance packaging, reflecting on the evolution of this medium as a brand emblem. These designs will be unveiled at the luxury packaging exhibition in Monaco in early October 2023.

Dubai's 56 Mar Design Studio

Creative Director Omar Marwan draws inspiration from ancient Egyptian culture, incorporating the falcon-headed god Horus into the design of the perfume bottle. The sides of the perfume bottle are printed with the golden wings of the falcon and hieroglyphs, while the bottom is adorned with a golden scarab symbolizing the cycle of life. The design of the perfume bottle cap is inspired by Tutankhamun's sarcophagus, emulating the headdress of this ruler, and the middle of the perfume bottle is designed to be hollow for internal lighting, paying homage to the biannual phenomenon of sunlight illuminating the statue of Ramesses II inside the Abu Simbel Temple in Aswan, Egypt.


"Spanish brand experience design company Aktiva."

The Spanish brand experience design company Aktiva, located in Barcelona, has designed a perfume container called Vannity, inspired by the green stone bowls used by shamans and druids when making potions and ointments with essential oils. The packaging consists of three parts: the bottle itself, fragrance ornaments (paying homage to the way wizards and druids adorn their bodies during rituals), and a digital fragrance application. Through a Bluetooth connection at the bottom of the bottle, users can access the brand's digital universe and customize avatars in the metaverse.


Aktiva's new business design director Bel Diví asks "why not?" throughout the entire design process, not just in the beginning or initial conceptual stage. This is a question that challenges both function and aesthetics. When it comes to functionality, we consider the sustainability of the final project. Packaging will continue to be a key element of a product's life in the future. It is part of the consumer experience as well as the brand experience. Making it easier for consumers to experience this packaging is a recent trend. Factors such as tactile sensation, ergonomics, pleasing colors, and surface treatments will continue to evolve.

Aktiva believes that in the future, this trend will also extend to the digital realm. We need to make digital packaging as experiential as physical packaging. Converting this physical experience into a digital experience is a significant challenge. When it comes to digital design, we may need to think about it from all angles: for example, the front of the packaging may not be as important, or the importance of animation or movement in digital packaging design.Aktiva新业务设计总监 Bel Diví.

Polish FLOV

The work of FLOV is called "Vivané", and its design concept comes from a memory of an employee: he saw a giant soap bubble burst at the Wrocław market, and a little boy expressed disappointment at the disappearing soap bubble. "Vivané" attempts to preserve the soap bubble eternally, this time in the form of glass, housed in a stone frame, and filled with a sense of happiness. The design name, a combination of "viva" and "né", has the meaning of praising life, with "viva" meaning "cheers" in Italian and "né" meaning "birth" in French.FLOV .


Designer and artistic director Grzegorz Chorostecki believes that in today's packaging design, pushing boundaries primarily involves consciously using existing materials and technology, while also developing new, previously unused alternatives. This involves daring exploration of previously unknown solutions and integrating them with graphics and branding. OLED labels and packaging boxes represent the near future of luxury packaging, but at the same time, sustainable materials are crucial for today's packaging design and production. As a branding and packaging design studio, FLOV recognizes the many new challenges that packaging design faces in the digital age.



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