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The Magnificence of The World" Cotton Paper Edition | Outlining The Form of Nature with Heaven, Earth, And Humanity

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The Magnificence of the World" Cotton Paper Edition | Outlining the Form of Nature with Heaven, Earth, and Humanity


Let us walk and live on the earth Snuggling through satisfying seasons

Let the wind sing to lull us to sleep And not to dream in slumber

Excerpt from "I Carry the Universe with Me"

Nature is the grandest, most mysterious, and most creative artist, shaping the world we live in with infinite creativity and exquisite craftsmanship. Whether it's towering snow-capped mountains, endless forests, vast oceans, or the splendid cycles of the four seasons...

Heaven - Sunrise


The sun is the crown of the sky, the beacon of life. It burns quietly, like an ancient deity, injecting vitality and energy into the world. This design revolves around the sun, with the rising sun shining brightly, spreading golden light over the earth. The intertwined koi fish is also an auspicious sign. The design aims to present the vitality and hope reflected between the rising sun and the koi fish.

This design uses SW4015 white cotton paper art paper, with a thick and soft texture. The sun design is complemented by hot stamping and embossing techniques, bringing a strong visual impact with the gold color and allowing the tactile experience to evoke the realistic portrayal of the rising sun.

Earth - Vastness


Approximately 71% of the Earth's surface is covered by water, making it the widest cover on the planet. In this design, we adopt the elements of the ocean. A vast expanse of light blue ocean covers the entire label, with white waves surging in the middle of the sea, presenting the vast and vibrant scenery of the ocean.

This design uses SW4016 cotton art paper, with a soft and comfortable texture similar to cotton fabric. The use of blue metal droplets enhances the visual presentation of the waves, while the bottom letters are combined with embossing and hot silver techniques, bringing the story of the ocean to life on paper.

Human - Spirit of All Things


As intelligent and creative beings, we think, learn, innovate, and create complex civilizations and technologies. However, while technology advances rapidly, living in harmony with nature has become an essential topic. In this design, the red bottle body symbolizes the concrete portrayal of global warming, while the woman wearing a floral wreath reflects the beautiful vision of harmonious coexistence between humans and nature.

This label design uses SWS129 Enid white cotton paper art paper, a material with a cotton-like texture and high durability, soft and smooth. The bottle cap and letters on the bottle body use hot stamping and embossing techniques, allowing the facial features of the woman to be clearly visible even without color, presenting an image of a woman wearing a floral wreath, serene, peaceful, and pure.



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