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Self-adhesive Label Winter Storage Precautions

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Self-adhesive label winter storage precautions

Features of self-adhesive labels

Recently, the temperature has plummeted, and the cold wave is threatening. In a cold environment, self-adhesive materials have the characteristics of weakening viscosity as the temperature decreases. The glue does not stick and the problems such as flying mark and dropping mark are often related to temperature.

The following six points are very important for the use of self-adhesive in winter:


Do not store labels at a low temperature

Self-adhesive materials placed outdoors or in a cold environment, it is easy to cause the material, especially the glue part, to be frostbitten. If not properly restored, the stickiness and processing properties of the adhesive will be lost or lost.


The temperature of the processing environment is very important for the material to be processed smoothly

If the temperature is too low and the viscosity of the material is reduced, there will be poor printing, die cutting and waste strip marking, and strip flying mark and drop mark in the processing, which will affect the smooth processing of the material.


The label ambient temperature should meet the product requirements

Any self-adhesive material has a minimum labeling temperature (please refer to the "Product Parameter Sheet" for each Avery Dennison product), below this temperature, the adhesive's adhesive performance is limited, which will cause problems such as poor labeling and warping.


Label presetting is very important in cold regions

If the transport and storage conditions can not meet the requirements, resulting in the label's own temperature is low, or even frostbite, although the labeling environment temperature meets the requirements, because the label status can not be recovered in time, the adhesive viscosity and processing performance will also be affected. Therefore, in the above cases, before processing or labeling operations, the label material should be preset in the labeling environment for more than 24 hours, so that the temperature of the label material itself will rise, so that the viscosity and processing properties will be restored.


After the completion of labeling, the stickiness of the self-adhesive label material usually takes a period of time (usually 24 hours) to gradually reach the highest value

It is not appropriate to immediately place the container or product that has just been labeled into an environment with a large temperature difference (even if the environment meets the temperature range of the self-adhesive material). Otherwise, the play of glue viscosity will be affected. In addition, film labels and containers will expand and shrink due to temperature changes, and paper labels are more prone to moisture or water loss deformation of paper fibers. These changes are not conducive to the best labeling performance of the glue.


When labeling, attention should also be paid to the labeling pressure control and the cleaning of the surface to be affixed

A suitable labeling pressure can not only ensure that the pressure sensitive characteristics of the self-adhesive label are met, but also discharge the air between the label and the surface to be affixed, so that the label is firmly attached and smooth. The cleaning of the surface to be affixed is also an important factor to ensure the stickiness of the label and the flatness after fitting.



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