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The Award-winning Product Design Concept of "Not Remaining Silent Packaging, 2023 Make A Mark" Embodies What Kind of Innovation?(III)

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The award-winning product design concept of "Not Remaining Silent Packaging, 2023 Make a Mark" embodies what kind of innovation?(III)

Designsake Studio, USA

Designsake Studio's entry combines tortoiseshell prints, white and russet blends, and taupe metallic accents to create a visual feast. The container is used to store SPF 50 sunscreen made by Gingerly, a luxury sunscreen brand. The brand name is a tribute to "ginger," a common name for red-haired women who freckle when exposed to the sun, hence the mottled tortoisesbill print on the bottle. The natural amber gradient is a nod to the ocean horizon, while the iridescent foil mimics the refraction of water and abalone shells, bringing the concept of "sun, sea and skin" to life.


According to Danielle McWaters, founder and Executive Creative Director of Designsake Studio, it is the perfect symphony of design, regeneration and utility. The packaging design of the product should truly reflect the values and purpose of the company through materials and processes, and take into account the entire life cycle. Sustainable packaging is a top priority in 2023, and we must move towards the principles of recycling and regeneration to truly take innovation in packaging to new heights.

Danielle McWaters wants the brand and the designers behind it to expect more from sustainable design. When embarking on new ventures, regardless of product category, it is important to consider people and the planet, prompting us to use materials, processes and technologies in a more responsible way. Let's discover new solutions, share our knowledge across industries, and create ways to measure success system-wide. If we can do this, we will reshape the concept of "innovation" to include not only words like premium and recyclable, but also useful, durable, reusable and renewable

Human Studio, Mexico

Metamorph features a striking cobalt-blue sculpture embedded in a clear glass and silvery metal structure, consisting of four round objects representing the four points or quadruple helix of human DNA. Once opened, the vertical base becomes a closed lid for the nebulizer design, and the blue sculpture holds the perfume liquid. Metamorph is a reminder that evolution is the key to unlocking society's full potential, and that the journey is as important as the destination.


Founder and Creative Director Alejandro Flores believes it is important to think about how our design can provide new ways to understand current problems. Innovation in design comes from making things work well and then making them look more beautiful on a functional basis. Human evaluates projects based on three main factors: aesthetics, economic impact and investment, and the technical steps needed to realize the project.

He believes that no matter what the project, must do this: identify and solve problems, to meet the needs of customers and the market. We are always committed to creating solutions that are not only beautiful, but also different and drive the continuous progress of the industry. Design innovation is truly realized when problems that matter to customers are identified and solved, while creating solutions that are both attractive and unique.

The future of packaging will be based on sustainable development. The emphasis on sustainability will drive the adoption of environmentally friendly materials, efforts to reduce waste, and lead to recyclability centered design. Customization is also a pillar of this trend, with a focus on experience design, such as smart packaging that integrates technologies such as NFC labeling, which will revolutionize the way products are tracked, certified, and consumer engaged.

Simplicity and minimalism will prevail, not just graphic design elements, but reducing material use, solving problems with minimal aesthetics, ensuring efficient transportation and enhancing product protection.

Lavernia & Cienfuegos, Spain

The designs submitted by Lavernia & Cienfuegos are clean and fluid, with caps in a variety of shapes and shades, ranging from hexagonal wood caps to round acetate caps and square graphite caps. EDIT(036) drew philosophical inspiration from the famous thinker Jean Baudrillard, who coined the concept of "sign value," the ability of objects to convey self-representation. The design can also be customised, with five different finishes of glass for the bottle body and six options for the cap and base in three different materials and three different finishes. In all, there are 40,500 possible combinations, according to the agency.


Founding partner and creative Director Nacho Lavernia felt the need for a new and different approach to the project. Question the concept of the product itself and discard previous prejudices; Incorporating new materials, processes and/or uses into design solutions to improve performance and user experience; Feasibility of the project. When talking about innovation, it's sometimes forgotten that every project has to be viable; That is, it must provide a solution for the company/customer's goals, meet the needs of the user, and be manufacturable in time, form, and price. When all of this is achieved in a new and different packaging, innovation is achieved.

There are two issues that profoundly affect the future of packaging: one is sustainability, which requires us to rethink materials, processes and forms of consumption; The other is online sales, where packaging is no longer James Pilditch's "silent salesman" but a key player in the user experience. It no longer needs to appeal at the point of sale, but at the moment of receipt and unpacking. Packaging has changed from "salesman" to "brand ambassador".

Mazarine Pascalie Design Company in France

Nogashi is hailed as a radical, eco-friendly alternative luxury product, a zero-waste skincare packaging line that is plastic-free and reusable. Products (cleansers, creams, serums) are sold in powder form and diluted with water. Liquid products are packaged in clear salvi-colored recyclable glass with matte white pump and lid assemblies, while powder products are packaged in matte jute paper bags. All products come with gold leaf logo text.


The future of packaging must be less packaging. This means less waste, lighter weight, less cardboard, less plastic or no plastic, and an increasing number of reusable and refillable primary packaging systems. Higher quality and more perfect luxury details.



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