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Introduction of paper bag machine

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The base material of the paper bag machine is continuously completed in one process from feeding material to finished bag making, with a high degree of automation. I hope that some of the instructions about the paper bag machine will be helpful to you.

  • Introduction of paper bag machine.

  • The company has a paper bag machine.



Introduction of paper bag machine.

The multilayer kraft paper bag machine is equipped with advanced electrical systems and mechanical devices throughout the process from substrate feeding, tube forming, edge gluing, bag cutting, bag transport and bag stacking. The Japan servo system is combined with a human-machine interface.

The paper bag machine is a continuous process from material infeed to bag production with a high degree of automation. With its advanced bag making technology, intelligent equipment structure and beautiful and reliable bags, the paper bag machine has become the ideal equipment for bag making companies at home and abroad to produce various packaging bags. The paper bag machineis ideal for producing shopping bags, garment bags, festival bags, bread bags, toast bags, dried fruit bags and other eco-friendly paper bags.

The paper bag machine is a machine for producing a variety of paper bags or bags of other materials, and its processing range is a variety of sizes and thicknesses of paper or other materials with different specifications, generally seen paper bags as the main product. Paper bag making machines are available in a variety of bag designs for most manufacturers. The accents are different and give different first sensations to the user.

1. Advertising type bags: Advertising shopping bags can use the limited area of the bag body to spread the company's marketing information or product services to the world. When customers carry shopping bags with the store's advertising on the street, it is actually a kind of subtle advertising bag, and it is no less than the production of an excellent advertising sign, and the price is relatively low.

2. Knowledge-based advertising bags: These are all kinds of patterns with a certain degree of knowledge, text, such as world-famous paintings, Chinese calligraphy, etc., printed on the shopping bag. This kind of shopping bags not only provides consumers with convenience in transporting goods, but also charms people's emotions, giving them a wonderful psychological feeling.

3. Promotional gift bags: China is a country of etiquette, festivals, birthday greetings, people should always carry gifts "walking around, walking around" to contact emotions, create a mood. When guests put the gift in the shopping bag printed with the words "I wish you a long life", "I wish you happiness", etc., the host not only feels the gift, but also another interest in the heart.

The company has paper bag machine products.

Our products are single-fed paper bag machine, roll paper bag machine, automatic single-fed box type square bottom paper bag machine, automatic paper feeding square bottom paper bag machine, semi-automatic single-fed paper box type square bottom paper bag machine, automatic roller type square bottom paper bag machine (flat handle), automatic roller type square bottom paper bag machine (twist handle), automatic roller feeding square bottom paper bag machine, etc.

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