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Printing shrinkage problem of hand-held paper bags

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Hand-held paper bags look simple to make, but there are a lot of tips.Today, let us share the solution to the printing shrinkage problem of tissue paper handbag.

hand-held paper bags

With the rapid development of the market economy, in order to improve the production efficiency, the current flexible version of the handbag printing machine pays great attention to improve the drying capacity.Generally using natural wind, hot air and infrared and other drying methods.Some combined mechanical equipment has two sets of UV curing system.In this way, in proofing or production will be found in a phenomenon, that is, the same set of film made of a set of version, the transverse size of the deviation, error hours less than 1 mm;2 mm to 3 mm when the error is large.In actual production, if there is no problem with the film or plate, the deviation of the lateral dimension is caused by the opposite process of wetting and drying.

About 50% of water-based ink is water. So, for thin paper, if a large area of water-based ink is printed, the surface of the paper will expand and widen. The larger the printing area, the lower the number of roller lines, and the wider the phenomenon is.When drying after printing, the paper shrinks and Narrows. The greater the heat, the more water volatilizes, and the narrower the paper width becomes.Most flexo press heating and drying systems (including UV curing systems) have a minimum speed start operating point, such as 20 m/min.For the sake of safety, when the speed is lower than this value, the infrared and ultraviolet drying devices are not opened;It will be turned on at or above this value.If the boot speed is slightly higher than this speed value, the heat of the paper is very large, very obvious shrinkage.

The farther apart the cells, the greater the lateral overprinting error.Therefore, in the printing process, the speed of the handbag printing machine should be increased as much as possible and unnecessary hot air and infrared drying should be reduced as much as possible, so as to avoid the occurrence of lateral overprinting errors.In addition, in a printing process, appropriate to increase the speed of the machine, overprinting errors will also occur.

Tension, mechanical velocity, and temperature have a constant value, often 1:1.2 (1.3) : 1.

To solve the problem of thin paper handbag printing shrinkage method introduced here, do you remember?



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