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The difference between kraft paper and kraft card board paper

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Kraft paper and kraft card board are common paper materials in daily life.

It's kind of silly to hear the name, like a family.Don't say that, you were right!They are indeed a mother sibling brother, both in common and have a small difference, let the following small make up for you to read the kraft paper and kraft card board!

Actually, kraft paper has the same concept as kraft card board,120-150 grams of the following called kraft paper, and 150 grams of above called kraft card board.Generally speaking, the heavier the weight, the greater the hardness of the paper,so kraft card board is harder than kraft paper.But the essence is the same.

kraft card board is generally brown, there are many kinds, can be divided into ordinary kraft card board, coated kraft card board, hanging kraft card board, single-sided kraft card board, double-sided kraft card board.

Because the material is hard, it has good breaking resistance.

Its thickness is very thick, the main number of grams are more than 200 grams, the highest is more than 500 grams, generally used in cartons, cardboard and other industrial uses, common in daily life such as computer packaging and mobile phone packaging boxes.

Kraft paper as a packing material, it is very strong, usually yellowish-brown.Half - or fully - bleached cowhide pulp is pale brown, cream or white.Quantitative 80 ~ 120 g/m2;High tear strength, rupture work and dynamic strength.Mostly web paper, but also flat paper.It is made from kraft softwood pulp by beating on a long net paper machine.Mainly used for paper bags, envelopes, exercise books and other small aspects of life.

In the price, if the kraft card board by a piece of paper is absolutely more expensive than kraft paper, but, if it is by the tie (fold), tons to calculate, it is the opposite.The thicker the paper, the fewer times the surface needs to be treated, and the lower the cost.

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