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Unique kraft paper bag packaging design gives you a unique "visual" effect

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For modern young people, this generation of consumers prefer what kind of kraft paper bag packaging design. Many may say they prefer packaging that is beautiful, novel, attractive, unique, and can make people feel the urge to buy at a glance.

Many people say that when I bought this type of product, I didn't really want it, but was only attracted by the beauty of the packaging and wanted to own it. Therefore, for merchants, The fundamental reason for good product sales lies in packaging design. Consumers are more inclined to rely on visual senses to determine whether they have purchased a product when they are not familiar with it. Vision is a type of light impact, and information is transmitted through the visual nerves.

Vision is mainly reflected in the materials, colors, images, and other aspects of packaging. Aesthetics are an aspect that consumers attach great importance to, and applying vision to packaging is the most effective way to showcase the beauty of products. Different products require different visual packaging to reflect their different charm. For example, in terms of color application, there is a great deal of emphasis.

Generally speaking, food packaging is made with transparent colored packaging paper because people have a high level of concern for food safety. Transparent packaging can directly display the appearance of food, and consumers can judge the food based on their first impression. When packaging some holiday kraft paper bags, sometimes the color of dark brown is used because it is a relatively high-end color that reflects stability, atmosphere, and so on; Sometimes red is also more popular because it represents blessings, good luck, and so on.

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